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Zazzeri Collection to launch in 5…4…3…2…1…!!!

Hopfoot to launch Zazzeri Collection, made in the USA (MITUS) during the first week of May!


Go Ahead Take a Seat!

Comfy and funky! Nothing like it…you gatta try sitting on one!

Funky Time!

Funky Time!

Give a gift to our lovely Planet!!!

Someone once said that trees are our lungs for Earth and this got me thinking…how very true! If you’re loved one is suffering from lung disease wouldn’t you do everything you can to help them? We need to start taking better care of our planet why not give back and make sure our “lungs” stay healthy…please join Hopfoot and give a gift to our Planet!

Please follow this link and start acting on it!!! Give a Gift to the Planet: http://tinyurl.com/d4ewcv

Hopfoot to attend the AIA show in San Francisco on April 30 – May 2

Johann Lau, Business Development Manager of Hopfoot, will be attending the AIA (American Instisute of Architects) Show in San Francisco at the Moscone Center on Spril 30th – May 2nd.