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Experience a New Exciting Way to Enjoy the Refreshing Flow of Clean, Crisp Water; Feel Mesmerized by the Display of LED Cascading-Waterfall Effect of the Frisone C3 Reflex Series.

Hopfoot, provider of high-end Italian interior décor products, is proud to present their Frisone C3 Reflex line. The new C3 Reflex Mixer Series symbolizes Frisone’s winning combination of creativity, results gleaned from substantial investments in cutting edge technologies and the know-how developed from over thirty years of passionate pursuit in the industry. Thanks to advancements in combining the effects of color-and-water through recent developments in LED technology, the natural, crystal clear properties of water are enhanced by Frisone’s inclusion of these exciting technologies which serves as a simple and elegant indicator of temperature. This low energy consumption technology presents an intuitive, elegant way for anyone to immediately gauge the temperature of the flow of water; all done in a striking chromatic display [red for hot, blue for cold and the myriad temperature-shades in-between, as one operates the mixer mechanism].  The C3 Reflex lighting mechanism’s elegant and practical design requires no electrical supply or unsightly cable: the simple inertia of flowing water activates two micro-turbines which in turn generate all the required energy via an internal electronic logic board. Due to its small footprint and the extremely easy assembly, this mechanism may be placed directly under the mixer’s supporting surface without interfering, in any way, with the empirical “purity” of the design.


The M ½ fasteners for the flexible pipes are situated in the upper part of the unit whereas the electronic connector, positioned in the lower part, allows the mechanism to connect directly to the mixer spout. The C3 Reflex system is equipped with two spherical stop-valves with easy inspection filters (which are to be installed before the mixer) guaranteeing ongoing and normal operation of the electrical generators, even if debris is present.


About Hopfoot:  


Hopfoot LLC is an interior-exterior space and furniture design company based in San Diego California with offices in Chicago Illinois.  Hopfoot provides unique ultra-high-end products from Italy to complement our designs and, in early 2010 we plan to unveil the newest addition to our portfolio: The Hopfoot Zazzeri Collection (Made In America).  Hopfoot clients include North American residential and commercial hospitality and property management firms. Hopfoot also works closely with select design and architectural firms.